The Music of David Salminen


The Efficiency of Black Holes Part 1


Andromeda Part 2


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  1. James Farrelly said:

    Music is the only language that can give voice to the ineffable. The feelings that arise listening to David’s work share a kinship with the witness and awe many of us feel when seeing the interstellar wonders scoped by Hubble. But the greater gift in his music is the invitation to explore those inner worlds that saints and sages have been messaging us about for ages. This is the music of the spheres of the highest order, a taste of the wine-dark endlessness that embraces our origins and our destiny.

    • A comment like yours, from a fine musician like yourself, means a lot, James. Thank you so very much for taking the trouble to write, and for writing so well.

  2. Tanya Biehler said:


  3. Melinda Pawlik-Atkinson said:

    Having just listened to David’s music for the first time, (The Efficiency of Black Holes & Andromeda) I find it beautiful, original and moving. It captures natural energies & gives them a sound for the soul to move with. Well done my friend, very well done.

    • It’s just always a joy to hear from you, Melinda. You have a wonderful capacity for melding together past, present, and possible futures into new creations.

  4. I listen to David’s music when I am depressed or sad. It helps.

  5. Daniel Beck-Ohara said:

    Dear David, listening to „Andromeda“ is a most wonderful listening experience beyond any description – it is an experience of embodied listening, the the full human being is integrated, carried in this „arche“ of going and going beyond any boundaries, losing any boundaries into pure listening, being listening. Tears falling down, opening the way-going into an ocean without shores – „I“ am here, the listening to your music, your sharing of being let „me“ forgetting myself … thank you so so much for all your being, your wonderful sharing of your life and vision, your art of seeing and playing … all my listening began years ago with your “From the Silence” and “Seascapes” and so so much deepened as I became more and more open to listening, letting me be in the listening, letting „me“ be gone, as only pure listening remains. You are “my” door-opener to being in a world without borders through and in wonderful listening, an experience I never thought possible. Thank you so much, dear David. Wishing you a wonderful late harvest season and a silent luminous birth of the winter season in Alaska. With gratitude and love, Daniel

  6. Pam McDowell Saylor said:

    David’s music has an engaging, meditative quality.

    Lately I have become interested in how music can heal the mind, heart, and body, so I listened to “Andromeda” with the intention of taking it in with my whole being– subtle and physical. I was deeply pleased with the effect that this piece had upon me.

    I saw and felt that I was within a deep, dark, blue, undulating space that held sparkles of light that coalesced and parted, creating many forms. My body relaxed in the sense that space seemed to be opening up between my cells. At the same time I felt supported; there was a feeling of being “held” in an effortlessly erect posture.

    Needless to say, I feel nurtured and supported by “Andromeda”– and motivated to listen again!

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