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for the efficiency of blk holes-NGC 2696-bhcen“The Efficiency of Black Holes, part 1” – This is from a live concert in Portland, Oregon, USA – recorded at the Sherman Clay recital hall, February 20, 2011. The title was inspired by a contemplation of the wonders of modern astronomical research that has revealed, for instance, that “The conversion of energy by matter falling toward a black hole is much more efficient than nuclear or fossil fuels.” More information on this mysterious aspect of black holes can be found at this NASA – Chandra – Harvard website:

Andromeda Galaxy-Nasa image.jpg

Andromeda Galaxy – NASA IMAGE “Andromeda, part 2” – This is part 2 of the Oct 24, 2010 concert, inspired by a contemplation of  the powerful gravitational relationship between our own Milky Way spiral galaxy and Andromeda, the other great spiral galaxy in the neighborhood. The two galaxies are moving toward one another at about 300,000 miles per hour (500,000 km/h), and will meet each other within about 3-4 billion years. After the  3-4 billion year mutual attraction phase, there is expected to be, from the scientific point of view, a 1 billion year “circling dance”, followed by a complete merging together of the two galaxies. My poetic side imagines this as a love ritual on such a scale that it ought to cause us to think of our own human experience of romantic and other forms of personal love as mere metaphors for the cosmic mystery of  the universal  tendency labelled as gravity… Is it possible that gravity as currently understood is only a metaphor for “cosmic love” (for lack of a better term)? Does an ant crawling onto a picnic blanket comprehend the relationship between or amongst the humans who have spread the blanket out on the ground?


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