The Music of David Salminen


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  1. I have listened to this. There is some vibration that remnds me of some Movements. Thank you for your creations.

    Inés Dansey

    • You’re probably aware then that I played piano accompaniments to some Movements classes years ago? Actually, I accompanied various kinds of dance classes, back in the day; I think that those classes were a very good influence on me, in many ways.

  2. John Dale said:

    I like all of your improvizations. I relax, and either just stay there or move into a space where I try to mentally “anticipate” what you’re going to come up with. The dyad that emerges between anticipation and what you actually play is pleasant and stimulating.

    • You found or invented a way to practice “active listening”! I like it! In a similar vein, perhaps, I was in a dream workshop over a weekend, a long time ago, and the facilitator asked us to make a note of dreams from the previous night, and then share them in the morning with the group. I was making an effort to practice what I’ll simply call “open listening” when I suddenly found myself knowing where another person’s dream was going, before she shared it with us out loud. We know so little about what we’re capable of – time traveling, future events, inner vs. outer experience, etc. But sometimes it is definitely possible to notice things that give us hints about something more subtle, but no less real, than “tables and chairs”.

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