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Portland, Oregon – concert – November 16, 2013

COSMIC SYMMETRIES – free fall concert – piano improvisations

David Salminen

Saturday, 3 pm – November 16, 2013

Portland Piano Company, 711 SW 14th Ave.  Portland, OR 97205

Among the benefits of music especially associated with this type of concert are:

1) the facilitation of flights of fancy without a defining program or form, 2) an escape from our society’s constant reminders of who we are conditioned to be (an escape which can, paradoxically, improve our memories), and 3) the evocation of a sense of wholeness, that emerges in the cosmic musical experience like a healing balm, against the ubiquitous modern complaint of feeling scattered.

Salminen’s music “contains the very spark of life, and the listeners catch that spark.”     Julia Sopalski, For The Times

for more information, phone 503.762.6387, or visit  (includes recordings)


“Hubble Heritage” photograph of a cosmic symmetry


the duration of a life

The results of a life-work are tangible in art… but there is something also that lasts, of the work itself, regardless of the result, in the invisible world… potentials build up, even if the particular creator doesn’t get “the credit”. Humanity is one, and one with all life on this planet, for that matter. Something about being around an old tree can awaken a feeling for this in some people, and there are of course many other ways, to awaken our sense of being part of a very old & ongoing project.

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