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a short synopsis of a dream I had about a year ago

I’d gone into a café where live music was playing, hoping to slip in anonymously. As I sat down, I was recognized by the musician who was playing, and invited to play music for awhile there myself. But for some reason I declined and left – and discovered that I’d parked in a traffic lane (somehow I’d not noticed, before heading into the café), and that my car had been towed! Next, I was just starting to ask myself about alternative ways to get home, when I awoke from the dream. In my waking re-cognition of the dream that morning, it seemed to me that I need to be more aware of where I choose to go and be, and to be more clear about parking in the parking lot, and to be more willing to enter café’s through the front door, and to not be so shy about announcing who I am – nor so shy about sharing what I do.


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