The Music of David Salminen


3 pm, November 23, 2014

Portland Piano Company, 711 SW 14th Ave, Portland, Oregon


– open to the public – no tickets necessary – no admission charge for this event

– donations to support more presentations of this kind are gratefully appreciated

– for more information on the music & David, and how to purchase CD’s please call: (503) 762-6387 – or email:

P.S. I’ve been really enjoying the contemplation of solar flares… so many people now seem to be registering some psychological or perhaps even spiritual influences (energetic, at any rate), when we are really “bombarded” by X-ray and other electromagnetic aspects of flares, as we were in late October, 2014. The scientists and scientific websites often talk about the upsetting of digital communications at these times, but as to the effects on living bodies… not so much. So I am looking at the metaphors. I am fascinated, for example, that there is something largely unpredictable going on deep inside the sun which results in spots that are creative in terms of flares and even CME’s. Here’s an informative science site: Coronal Weather Report: CMEs and Flares (Page 1)

our sun NASA-Europe photo- solars-ystem-NASA site PIA03149_br1

our sun NASA-Europe photo- solar-system-NASA site PIA03149_br1


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