The Music of David Salminen

COSMIC SYMMETRIES – free fall concert – piano improvisations
David Salminen – Saturday, 3 pm – November 16, 2013

Portland Piano Company, 711 SW 14th Ave , Portland , OR 97205

Music can be beautiful – that’s certainly one of the things sought in the concert experience. But there are also other benefits associated with the invited serendipity of this kind of concert… flights of fancy without a defining program… an escape from society’s constant reminders of who we are conditioned to be (an escape which can, paradoxically, improve our memories)… and a sense of wholeness, that emerges in the cosmic musical experience like a healing balm, against the ubiquitous modern complaint of feeling scattered.

Salminen’s music “contains the very spark of life, and the listeners catch that spark.” Julia Sopalski, For The Times

for more information, phone: 503.762.6387  – or email:


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