The Music of David Salminen

To fellow soundcurrent travelers: I am really looking forward to creating music on July, 21, 2013 and to spending time with other people who can identify with being “a very strange kind of person” – in the spirit and sense of Thomas Merton’s words – seeking to be “deliberately irrelevant”, that is, people who “live with an ingrained irrelevance which is proper” in light of “the basic irrelevance of the human condition, an irrelevance which is manifested above all by the fact of death. The marginal person, the monk, the displaced person, the prisoner, all these people live in the presence of death, which calls into question the meaning of life.” (these quotations come from Thomas Merton’s book ASIAN JOURNAL, copyright 1968 – and I can’t recommend the book highly enough, as a spiritual diary still apropos to our time)

An open invitation to David Salminen’s July 21, 2013 concert:

The Zone of Avoidance

– original piano music – inspired by astronomy –

– riding different waveforms, embracing the whole –

Sunday, 2 pm, July 21, 2013Portland Piano Company 

711 SW 14th Ave in Portland, Oregon 97205  phone 503.775.2480

Admission is on a “pay what you want” basis. Always evolving, the music David manifests is dedicated toward the harmonious development of all. Please share this invitation with friends.

The “Zone of Avoidance” – or ZoA – is an astronomy term coined by the great scientist Edwin Hubble, after whom NASA’s famous & awe-inspiring space-based Hubble telescope is named. For many years, optical astronomers avoided looking into or across our Milky Way’s galactic equator, because of the obscuring effects of interstellar dust. Efforts were better spent looking elsewhere – anywhere else – than directly across the galaxy and into the ZoA!


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