The Music of David Salminen

Concert Announcement

3 p.m. Saturday, October 29, 2011 – solo piano concert – Portland, Oregon


spontaneous creations

Sherman Clay Pianos auditorium – 131 NW 13th Ave, Portland, Oregon (parking across the street)



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  1. Cheryl Kolander said:

    David is an exceptional musician who incorporates the methods of soul development taught by George Gurdjieff, as derived from esoteric Sufi traditions of Central Asia.

    Classically trained, everything David plays at his rare concerts is improvised, intuitional, and purely inspired by the theme and the presence. Unconstrained by concepts of necessary harmony, repetitions or fixed rhythms, the music swells into the space, forming a matrix for an intense experience of group meditation. We, the listeners, become the music.

    There is no other pianist I know of who can play like this. I have never missed a concert-sharing in the two decades that David has blessed us in Portland. Concerts are always enhanced by a short discussion of the theme, and by the active presence of his dear and supportive wife Veerah.

    Please join in this music event, and bring your significant others.

    Cheryl Kolander

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